“Honest about Cars” is an honest, informal Car Magazine about ordinary European cars. The type of cars most people here can afford to buy and drive.

Why cars?
Because I love cars. All types of car. I like to drive everything – from tiny mini cars to heavy trucks. I have had the opportunity to drive many cars, and I still do. In this blog I want to share my latest driving experiences, special cars I have spotted, and my thoughts and opinions about the automotive industry.

Who I am
I am Terje (pronounced: “Terr-y-eh”), married, with grown-up children and two dogs. I live in Oslo and a little in the South of France. I do not work professionally with cars, but love DIY mechanics. I have always dreamed about being a car journalist, though, but still not discovered by the Car Press …

I really hope you find this blog interesting and entertaining. And, by the way, – as you probably already have figured out: English is not my mother tongue. So when you find a phrase that sounds a little strange, think of someone with a jolly Scandinavian accent 🙂


Please use this form if you want to contact me in private (… and feel free to write to me in English, French, German or one of the Nordic Languages):


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